About Colour Kerb.

Colour kerb was established 2009 by Joseph Devery from Banagher Co. Offaly. Like most ideas it, came from what Joe saw as a lack of variety in the kerbing market place in Ireland.

“I had heard of slip form kerbing but thought it was just for industrial builds and road edgings. But after some research, I contacted a company based in America, who had an agent in Cork, from here I went to see their Machines working and decided to invest my own slipform business, I went from just wanting to change my own kerbs to something different to now running my own kerbing business” –  Joseph Devery, Colour Kerb

View Our Colour Kerb Gallery

Take a look at our Colour Kerb Gallery and see some of our before and after pictures, to show you what a difference a colour kerb can make. We call to your house and bring some samples for you to look at and we will give you a free quotation on the day.