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More Information On Colour Kerb

At Colour Kerb, we supply and fit pretty much any colour kerb our customer desires. Our Colour Kerbing is fitted in a continuous line that is pumped out by a small machine. Colour Kerbing is ideal for

  • driveways
  • Flowerbed surrounds
  • Lawn Bedding areas
  • Pathway edges
  • Hedging edgeways

Simply put, at Colour Kerb, we can fit this fantastic kerbing anywhere in your garden that you think you need it! Our Colour Kerb expert, Joe, can provide advice on what would suit your garden best.

Why is Colour Kerbing different from the Standard Precast Kerbs?

Our Colour Kerbs are different from the standard precast kerbs. Colour Kerbs have no breaks or joints. It is a continuous kerb that flows in any direction you would like. So even if there is an awkward corner or a tree that you dont want to knock down, our machine will simply go around with no cuts!

Colour Kerb is available Nationwide.

Centrally located in the midlands, Colour Kerb can supply and fit Colour Kerbing in slipform by machine nationwide. We can expertly fit our kerbing along driveways and lawn bedding areas to your specification.

About us

Colour kerb was established 2009 by Joseph Devery from Banagher Co. Offaly. Like most ideas it, came from what Joe saw as a lack of variety in the kerbing market place in Ireland.

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